About Me

Government name: Wendy

Desired name: Sunshine Zul…… why? My middle name in my native language (I am a Kenyan btw) directly translates to ‘sunshine’ in English….. Cool huh? And Zul means the heavens or brilliant… I personally think it’s a brilliant combination.aboutWendy

Lover of: mornings… they open such a new lease in life, sunny days, vino drinking, catching up with friends, exploring outside my comfort zone (and who knows maybe yours as well J ), anything stylish from a crop top all the way to a water bottle, laughing, spontaneous dancing…. Yes even in the middle of a supermarket aisle (please don’t judge me… save it for Sunday… no?), colour….. so yes I don’t believe black is a colour…..

Not a fan of: raw tomatoes…. Yes so none in my salad or sandwich please, rainy days even if I had the cutest wellies… which I do btw, mmmhhh rude people, this list can’t be long because I love to search for and find the silver lining in every situation!