Make Up

Floral Stripes

Hey my fabulous people,


So here I am trying to conjure my inner writing chi…… but guess what I am blank…sob sob.


I think its clear that I am not a writer and my sister who is can attest to this. Whenever I have to write a post I usually hear her voice…. Where is the fullstop… why are ther different ideas in this paragraph….. what happened to SVO rules of the sentence…. Needless to say I wish she could write and I just display my style through pics.


Well since she can’t you just have to deal wit my haphazard writing…… anyway on sunkissed today we are displaying the beauty of florals and stripes….. yes I went against the rule of ‘don’t mix patterns’…. ‘says who???’ I am a

rebel….style rebel….. mmhh I like the sound of that….

img_8115-683x1024 img_8119-683x1024img_8110-683x1024img_8108-683x1024

Till next time my peeps…. smooches…


Floral Blouse: Random street buy;

Stripped skirt: Mr. Price Fashion;

Shoes: Gifted;

Photography by: Charles Ngomo of Ngomo_Photographer

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