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Greetings Lovers of the sun

but why is it raining and gloomy in Nairobi… last i check this is meant to be summer for us? well i guess the answer is…. you guessed it.. GLOBAL WARMING… sob sob anyway i digress

So this look was inspired truly by my baby sisters wardrobe. Ok who am i kidding i just nicked it from her stuff and this is how it turned out… when i showed her the pics she started laughing and i wondered why… so i gave her that look of you besttaaa tell me whats so funny missy. Well lets just say the sweathsirt trusted tablets wasn’t hers….. ‘oopsy, sorry Mr. Owner’….. but thanks for doing sunkissed a solid….ok no more stories… enjoy the pics.

Wait before i forget… don’t be too harsh on my unlaid edges…. i am NOT PERFECT…. hehehehe… mwaaahhhh

Till next time. Smooches.

Sweatshirt: Mr. Owner;

Beige Casual Pants: Old Navy;

Leather High Heeled Sandals: Zara

Photography by: Charles Ngomo of Ngomo_Photographer

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